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GL Clash Royale Private Server

Gl — Clash Royale v.1.0 — Private Server

GobeLinland – elite private server Clash Royale! Our simulator creates a grand Royals universe with no restrictions.

There are many different Clash Royale servers, but there is no stable and full-blown simulator. We decided to create an excellent server that will perform all the same functions as the original, but with unlimited chests, gems and gold.

You have the opportunity to open new cards that are not available in original Clash Royale yet or will be available in a few weeks. With us you can play the Dark Witch, Bats, Bandits and other cards.

In near future we will create a server that represent our ideas. New characters will be added, which you will never see in the original version of Clash Royale. We have foundation that allows make our own world a Clash Royale and adapt it to every new client of the game.

We will upgrade our primary server, which host the server files and all of your accounts data encrypted. Upgrade needed to increase the slots on a private server. In test mode, we have collected more than 20,000 players, and this is just a beginning.

Our server has a unique icon that brights against all the games and applications on your phone or tablet. This icon shows that this is an independent application and it does not replace the standard game, as other servers do.

gl icon
Our private server can be launched on iOS devices, it works only with Wi-Fi connection, just change DNS address. We will write about it later.

Don’t forget that on our server you will be able to open an unlimited number of chests and up any card to the max level. Since this server will be a simulator of the game Clash Royale, you will have to be handle this by yourself.

What is on the server?

  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited gems / crystals
  • Additional cards that are not yet open in Clash Royale
  • Online fights
  • Unlimited chests
  • Leagues, like in the original version
  • Create a clan
  • Card auction

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